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Awaken memories, review the era imprint of the large ring plastic parts

It is a wonderful writing for the brilliant era of the electric vehicle industry. It is filled with the hope of everyone and chasing away from the distance. Here, time is fixed; here, we will read the movements belonging to the large ring plastic parts.

      As early as 2010, after the listing of Juying, Dahuan Plastic Parts successively launched “Raytheon”, “Crystal” and “Crystal Upgraded Edition”, which were widely praised in the market and gradually received attention from everyone. The new models developed have been Leading the trend of the electric car market, I believe that many people still remember it now, just like the eyes are vivid.

      Looking back at the 15th Nanjing Exhibition, although it is full of crowds, but you really want to enter a world of riding, whether it is product design or plastic parts process to bring surprises to everyone, the release of new product crystal is more eye-catching, Such a brand of reliable, comprehensive strength of the firm, it is no wonder that so many people pay attention.

      The 16-year-old Taizhou Exhibition, its latest technology and craft design has been reminiscent of the people. The newly launched sports flagship model, Raytheon and Crystal Upgrade, independently developed by Dahuan, not only condenses the humanity of the Dahuan people. The creative crystallization of design and intelligent control is the high-end flagship of electric vehicles. Since the product was released, it has attracted widespread attention from peers and electric vehicle manufacturers. As the blueprint of the depiction develops into a beautiful reality step by step, as a large-scale plastic piece, following the development of models such as “Juying”, “Juhe”, “Crystal” and “Raytheon”, it is also strategically laid out at 10.21-23. The three new models to be released in Nanjing will not only continue the sports genes that have never faded in the ring, but also pursue the pursuit of beauty. With fresh vitality and dynamic design, it incorporates modern and advanced design concepts and carries the art and fashion of this era. .

  “Quality R&D Suppliers”, in recent years, Dahua has clearly realized that only by continuous design and research and development can enterprises continue to create value and improve themselves, thus creating better products. In the future, Dahuan Plastics will continue to show its exquisite craftsmanship in the details, show its exquisite craftsmanship in the details, show its superior taste in the connotation, and show the world's unique high-end electric vehicle design and plastic to the world with a more open brand attitude. The brand image of the manufacturing.