Service Support

A high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of electric vehicles.

Service philosophy:

  • Care:everywhere

  • Service:Dahuan Plastic Parts Co.,Ltd. has a team of skilled and enthusiastic service staff, with the core service concept of “Caring for Everywhere”, with the aim of customer satisfaction, through various effective measures such as policy, training, supervision, reward and punishment. The implementation of the district will enable our customers to truly enjoy the high quality service with more peace of mind, peace of mind and comfort.

  • Unbounded/convenient:Strive for every second of the time at the fastest speed, and satisfy customers with the most sincere smile.

After sales service

Customer-centered, customer satisfaction is the standard, and it is expected to establish long-term relationships with customers in terms of product service demand and emotion. Form a new type of relationship of mutual assistance, mutual seeking and mutual needs.

  • Quality Assurance

    The company has professional production equipment and mold workshop, as well as advanced testing equipment in the industry to ensure product quality;

  • Professional Manufacturer

    Strong research and development capabilities and a comprehensive product line, 8 main production lines and 2 custom production lines.

  • Sincere Service

    The company insists on treating all consumers with the most sincere attitude, regards consumers as God, and makes customers feel at home with sincere service.

  • Customer satisfaction

    We always adhere to the sustainable business philosophy of “leading the market with products, winning opportunities with speed, serving people's hearts with quality, determining life and death with quality, and building the future with team”.

Marketing Network

Through continuous optimization and combination, the company has a production system with an annual production capacity of one million sets of electric vehicle parts, and has become an industry-recognized quality supporting unit.

Taizhou Huangyan Dahuan Plastic Parts Co., Ltd.


With “Benevolence” to gather people and “Cai” to cultivate materials, Dahuan Plastics always regards talent cultivation as the focus of enterprise development, adhering to innovative thinking and building core competitiveness talents. The market plays an important role in providing employees with a broad development platform. Promote the upgrading and reform of the green environmental protection cause.

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