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"Taking your heart together and thanking our colleagues", the 2019 Jufeng Company Welcome Party ended successfully!

Staying focused and grateful

2019 Jufeng Company Welcome Party


Looking back on 2018 & looking ahead to 2019

On the evening of December 31, 2018, Jufeng Company's 2019 Orientation Party was held on the third floor of Tailong Marriott Hotel Qilong. All employees and family members of Jufeng Company, outstanding suppliers, and industry friends gathered together to look back on 2018's passion. Welcome to the new journey of 2019 with passion.



Mr. Chen Hui, Chairman of the Board, delivered a speech at the annual meeting


President Chen first emphasized the concept of "three transformations and one heart" for everyone

Standardization of work, business process, and institutionalization of assessment

Be careful with others

Drum "Dancing Together"

Lofty aspirations, echoing in my ears

Drums of passion, beat the aspirations and pride of Jufeng people

Musical "Bring Love Home"

Home is always the warmest harbour

In the cold wind, I embarked on my way home

Just for a short reunion with my family

Have a warm new year

Song "Love You"

Youth is a beautiful melody, a beautiful picture

Wonderful performance by three little beauties

Let the scene be full of youthfulness instantly


Sketch "Quality First"

What determines the lifeblood of a business?

Our President Chen often said:

Quality is the life of an enterprise

Only good quality can take us further

Dance "state of etiquette"

History of Chinese civilization for 5,000 years

Created the name of the country of etiquette

2019 is the 70th birthday of the People's Republic of China

Jufeng is proud of the rich and powerful civilization of the motherland

Huangmei Opera "Dragon Phoenix"

Huangmei Opera has learned the ancient blood and experienced thousands of years of training

Holding the context of the times, inheriting the national spirit

Talents in our production department

Roll up your sleeves for production without eyebrows, and bring the sleeves to the stage


Essay "A Sister's Blind Date"

At last year's annual meeting she threatened to take off 2018

This is not the last day, anxious

But it looks like this rich sister's blind date has turned yellow again this year ...


Dance "Curry Curry"

Picturesque beaches and lively dances

And that rich curry

The sisters from the Ministry of Materials took us to Southeast Asia to experience

Crosstalk "Etiquette"

Etiquette is the soaring wings of society and a bridge to communicate emotions

The family of Maple Mold

Brought us a different way of etiquette

Tibetan Solo Dance "Prayers"

Tibetan dance has a warm and elegant, soft and agile posture

Its charm and charm fully show the charm of the Tibetan people's life

Everyone at the scene was intoxicated for a while


Jufeng's "Song of the Kings" Bring Song Skewers

Looking back, do we remember our original dreams

Whether to continue to run towards the dream

Has it become the "Hero of the Heart" in your mind?

Jufeng Family Birthday Party

In this big family like Jufeng

Companies always spend various birthdays for employees

Let employees feel the collective warmth and the genuine care of company leaders

Tonight, December birthday family

Had an unforgettable birthday night with the entire Jufeng family

Mr. Chen and Mr. Dai reveal the special prize and first prize

6,000 yuan Tissot watch and 3 electric cars

To the four lucky people of the night

Starters for 2019

Jufeng hopes that every family can celebrate a harvest year

Party show awards

After careful discussion and consideration by the judges

The program that won the first, second and third prizes is

"Fat Sister Blind Date", "Ritual", "Dragon Phoenix"

Thanks to all the actors for their wonderful performance

Flying to higher goals together in 2019

Business is booming and old days, Jufeng welcomes the new  


In the past 2018, too many emotions and joys were created by the Jufeng family.

With this joy at this moment, with our sincere blessings, go to welcome a better tomorrow, and wish Jufeng Company to fly to higher goals in 2019!

I hope that under the leadership of the leaders, all work performance will be further improved.

I wish all my colleagues happy and rich!

May the loved ones in the distance be healthy and safe, and all wishes come true!