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Jufeng's 9th Anniversary |We are more attentive, just to stay with you

At the age of nine, I am no more apathetic and mature than before;

At the age of nine, I welcomed many new faces this year;

At the age of nine, I am still groping to learn and grow

There are too many possibilities in the future

Can be shaped by us

Jufeng Travel Together

June 1 this year is not only Children's Day, but also Jufeng's 9th birthday. On this day, all employees of Jufeng will spend a happy moment together and witness the growth of Jufeng.


Along the way, Jufeng joined hands with employees to develop together, progress and innovate, and uphold the quality of ingenuity. In the past nine years, we have successfully developed more than ten models, including Juying, Shangling, and Thor. We have always had a dream in our hearts. , Is to become the "sports expert" in the industry. In the future, Dahuan will also work towards this goal and build more sports models with heart.

From its infancy to its current maturity, from its start-up to its glory, Jufeng's growth is inseparable from the efforts and efforts of all employees, and it is also inseparable from the leadership of Jufeng everyone. For more exciting moments in the future, we work together create.


Beautiful blueprints, fill in together

Even in rainy weather, everyone is still full of energy, shaking their spirits, and gathering at the event site early. This is not only Jufeng's birthday, but also a festival for everyone.

At the beginning of the event, President Chen Feng delivered a speech to raise everyone's morale:

Nine Years of Jufeng · Unification of Knowledge and Action

"June 1st is Jufeng's ninth anniversary. Today, Jufeng is ten years old. In the past few years, I thank you for your support and company. It is because of everyone ’s dedication that Jufeng will continue to do better. it is good.

Like life, every ten years is a new stage. The tenth year is not only a summary but also a new beginning for Jufeng. After doing this well, there will be more ten years. Compared with when I started my business now, my passion and enthusiasm are unabated, even worse.

Wang Yangming proposed "integration of knowledge and action". I think the so-called "knowledge" is cognition and accumulation, and "exercise" is the precipitation and action after "knowledge". Taking the best of it and its dross, and combining knowledge with action, Jufeng will do better. In the future, we will work together to make the world fall in love with Jufeng. "

After listening to Mr. Chen's remarks, everyone applauded enthusiastically, and was more confident and enthusiastic about Jufeng's future development. Jufeng people will move forward with the same goals, and success belongs to everyone.


In different positions, there are always leaders who lead everyone to run forward together. This time they used a different way-poetry reading to inspire morale and inspire people, to show you the development of Jufeng's nine years of development. The tone, passion and emotion, all the bits and pieces of Jufeng's nine years are all integrated into this poem. During the recitation, we saw the youthfulness and persistence of Jufeng at the beginning, the vigor and hard work during development, and Jufeng, who is now constantly growing and growing.

year 2010

First sight

That year we came

With jerky and ignorant

That year, in our eyes

No fear, no difficulties

That year, our team had only 30 people

We do n’t know each other, we are like brothers and sisters

That year, we devoted ourselves to creating "Jufeng"

With hope, with dreams

We set sail

year 2011

First appearance

That year, we looked up to the boss of the industry

That year, we were full of dedication and dedication

That year, we did our best service

That year, we regarded quality as the life of the company

That year, we left laughter in Changtan

That year, we planted hope

"Jufeng" gave us confidence


Little achievement

That year, we overcome all difficulties and sweated together

That year, we raced against time

That year, we moved and changed the look

That year, we learned modestly

All professions are our teachers

That year, Jufeng's sales goals exceeded

That year, we promised together

Be the best in the industry

year 2013

stand out

That year, we worked hard to learn

Our team reached 150 people

That year, the smile on our faces could explain everything

That year, the name of Dahuan resounded across the river

That year, "Jufeng" entered millions of households

That year, we did it!

That year we wept and wept

Year 2014


That year, we calmed down and thought

Understand the company's future development direction

That year, we set up our own design company

That year, every family was passionate

Mention Pride

That year, our hearts were tightly connected

That year, we look forward to a better tomorrow

That year, we became a leader in the industry

2015 year

Peak moment

That year, we were proud of our quality products and increasing sales.

That year, "Juying" made rapid progress

Daily shipments hit another peak

That year, we moved into a new plant

Office is big and bright

That year, our team grew to more than 200 people

That year, we were even stronger

No. 1 in the industry

2016 year

Rapid development

That year, in order to make the product quality better

We established Huapu Mould Factory

That year, for the diversified development of enterprises

We formed a team of sightseeing cars and balance cars

That year, we fully implemented lean production management

A step towards automation

That year, the industry's overall sales declined,

And we have continued to grow

That year, we were burdened, but full of passion

2017 year

Thorns and bumps

That year, market competition became fierce

Our sales fell for the first time

That year, we heard the question for the first time

That year, our quality and service were complained

That year, the company developed rapidly and the pressure on the team became more and more intense.

That year, we stopped and unloaded our bags to find us when we first met

2018 year

Walk together

This year, we integrated resources and introduced performance

Take management to another level

This year, in order to meet the market changes faster

We hired a professional management team to introduce lean production again

Improve productivity

This year, training, learning and sharing again and again

We understand a truth only to change ourselves

Being strong is the only way out!

This year, we worked hard to find ourselves when we first met



Today, each of us has a dream,

Regardless of harvest, just for farming.

we believe,

Work on "cause",

"Fruit" becomes natural.

Gathering people, treating others, altruism in everything,

Treat customers like friends,

Treat employees like family.

Jufeng people, the way of doing things, work hard on products,

Pursue excellence and create value.

I firmly believe that each of us today takes a small step forward,

Tomorrow the company will take a big step forward.

I firmly believe that as long as we stick to others and do things,

We will surely achieve greater success!

2019 makes the world fall in love with Jufeng

Gather together, be grateful

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Colorful and abundant, infinite possibilities


Icebreaker games


After the recitation, it was a relaxing moment for Jufeng people to use the mini-game of "listen to hold a group" to eliminate everyone's sense of restraint. At the beginning, everyone was involved, while walking slowly while listening to the host's password, quickly and easily People make up a "small change combination"。


From the initial 1.5 yuan to 5 yuan to 18 yuan, as the game eliminated more people and left fewer people, it became more and more difficult to form a CP. Those who lost in the end were punished, and a group of people performed It caused everyone to laugh, and unconsciously everyone put down the burden and quickly integrated into the large group.


After a relaxing and joyful game, Jufeng brought everyone a "Backgammon" dance. As the music sounded, unique surprises in the dance slowly appeared. Everyone stood at their corresponding positions, and the dance formation became " "Big ring".

Together is a fire and scattered stars. Just like in our daily life and work, each person has their own position and corresponding job responsibilities. Only by shouldering their own responsibilities and exerting the greatest value can we share together. Build our big ring dream.

Energy Star Award Ceremony

For nine years, the company has been developing continuously. Everyone and Jufeng have experienced many first and first expansion trainings. The first holiday event, the first birthday celebration together ... Today, on the special day of the ninth anniversary, the first energy group of Jufeng was established, with a total of 16 people, screened from the bottom to the top. Penetrate the fog and guide everyone forward.

13 Energy Star employees wearing exclusive "energy uniforms" took the oath on stage: love life, work hard, unite as one, and move forward happily! Energy Stars, please raise your right hand halfway, solemnly swear, I swear: I am very proud and proud, and hereby solemnly promise: The company is anxious, think what the company thinks, do n’t complain, do n’t blame, take the initiative, if there is any violation immediately drop out. For the development of the company, I am willing to contribute all strength!

After the oath, President Chen, Dai, and Hong personally awarded the energy stars and gave them honors. Next is their personal style show time. I believe that with their leadership in the future, Jufeng will be more energetic, energetic and energetic.



Birthday surprise


In order to thank everyone for their hard work, the company has prepared some prizes for everyone, one young partner is drawn every year according to the year of employment. The lottery friends who were drawn were overflowing with joy, and said with a smile, "So lucky to win the prize, there will be good luck in the second half of the year."

While everyone was still immersed in the excitement of the lucky draw, our birthday cake also appeared on the stage. In a happy song, President Chen and Dai blew out the candles together. Jufeng people at the scene celebrated Jufeng's ninth anniversary together.