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Love gathers, gathers in the Mid-Autumn Festival | Have a fuller month with you!

"Little Prince" said: The sense of ritual is to make a certain day different from other days and make a certain moment different from other moments. The reason why many people's lives are dull and boring is actually the lack of ritual sense. Even at work, the sense of ritual cannot be ignored. The annual festival prepares surprises for everyone, which is the ritual sense created by Jufeng for employees and the warmth that the Jufeng family gives everyone. It is the annual Mid-Autumn Festival again. As in previous years, this year Jufeng also prepared holiday gifts for everyone early. Moon cakes, milk, apples, and three big boxes of gifts were sent to employees, symbolizing reunion, completeness, and peace, and also the company's full blessings to everyone: I hope everyone will be happy and happy in the future. After everyone received the gift, it was both a surprise and a touch. Some employees didn't even care about lunch and hurriedly took the gift to their home. Every holiday season, I think of relatives, there are many foreign employees in the Jufeng family. Occasionally, I will miss home when I am away from home to work, especially during the holiday season, but the mood of missing is more intense, but fortunately, the big family of Jufeng makes everyone have a warmer home in another country.

No matter in humanistic care or company service, Jufeng has always insisted on "being a company with a temperature".

0 ℃: Symbolizes calmness and meticulous attitude. Jufeng has always adhered to the "picky" view of quality, winning by quality can last long.

37 ° C: It symbolizes a warm, humanistic corporate culture. Treat customers with sincerity and win-win together. Treat employees, maintain the temperature with talents, make professional services more focused, make teams more combative, and provide more efficient and valuable services.

100 ℃: It symbolizes the warm concentricity and cohesion of the Jufeng family. For work, the enthusiasm is as always; for the goal, work hard together; for the future, forward hope.

Every day, we are better than yesterday

Work together

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